To understand where we want to go , we should understand where we are starting from and what already exists in our community
Together we will implement the successful actions

What do the statistics tell us about our community?

What do social actors with the community say?

Those belonging to la Verneda y La Pau expressed three factors which are necessary to improve education results in the community. These were:
1. After school activities / extra curriculum support and more time for learning out with their ordinary schooldays (15.30%)
2. Involvement and training provided to families (13.66%)
3. Education based on values, civic responsibility and prevention of violence (11.48%)
In the focus groups, there were conversations around the possibility further capacity of the community to create mutual exchanges within their own peer groups and provide support to help their peers continue studying.

What are the current concerns of the people living in these communities?

Stakeholders involved in the area of education in the community commented that regarding those professionals specialised in providing support to school have the potential to transform the situation of education. However this is only if there is good coordination with the staff and the support is sustained throughout the school term. It is also necessary to provide leisure activities for children and young people and increase current activities available for young people aged between 14-16 years old. Educational stakeholders in the community believe it is necessary to strengthen further encourage volunteering. Those working in education stressed the need to encourage the involvement of family members and provide support to courage this involvement.

Lastly an issue which was highlighted to be of great importance is harassment taking place in parks among children in the community and with a lack of intervention from the parents. The main reasons discussed for the lack of intervention by parents, was that it is due to a fear of creating conflicts with other parents or simply that they do not view the situation as harassment.

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