To understand where we want to go , we should understand where we are starting from and what already exists in our community
Together we will implement the successful actions

What do the statistics tell us about our community?

What do social actors with the community say?

28.77% of people in the community believe that situations of harassment are a frequent occurrence in the community, with comments of a sexual nature, annoyances or insults being the most frequent (38.96%), followed by aggressive behaviour or threats (19.48%) or stalking (19.48%)
16.95% have experienced situations of harassment. When we look at this through a gender lens the, the figure increases with 29.79% of women experiencing harassment in the community. In the focus groups on equality, there were discussions on the problematic of abuse and gender based violence in the community and how it continued to be a hidden issue. Additionally, many felt that there was a lack of information and training around how to confront abuse or gender based violence.

What are the current concerns of the people living in these communities?

It is necessary to work on the prevention of sexual harassment as sometimes in some of the services in the community, there have appeared certain adolescents who have shown to have this type of behaviour. Those working in equality have asked that such preventative actions are prioritised and that they are actions with impact.
Many of the organisations also proposed that all of the services in the community integrate programs of prevention and actions against harassment and gender based violence. This framework should form part of the legal framework and regulations of the organisation.

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