To understand where we want to go , we should understand where we are starting from and what already exists in our community
Together we will implement the successful actions

What do the statistics tell us about our community?

What do social actors with the community say?

67.74% consider that there is a problem with people in the community living alone and above all with a lack of human interaction and a lack of an adequate social support system (31%) which they believe is also a risk to their health and security (22%).
Within the focus groups, people with disabilities discussed general problems of accessibility in the community and highlighted that it was particularly serious when looking for housing. They also said that they value the solidarity that existed within La Verneda y La Pau but that there was a need to do more activities where they could participate and feel that they belonged to the community.

People coming from other countries to live in La Verneda y La Pau commented that the community needed spaces for exchanges between themselves and those of the community in order to get to know those who have lived longer in the community better. Refugees in focus groups pointed out the need for more guidance and services providing advice more continuously rather than just on arrival.

What are the current concerns of the people living in these communities?

Stakeholders of the community involved in the field of inclusion are of the opinion that there is a lack of knowledge on activities or barriers accessing information. For this reason, they propose offering a service which enables coordination and the dissemination of information of activities taking place in the community, this will also improve participation. They also consider it of great importance to encourage spaces for knowledge exchanges among people of the community, organisations and existing services.

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