The project

We want to improve quality of life and transform the communities La Verneda y La Pau through the involvement of the people of the community and in conjunction with community services and resources.
This is a democratic community project, open to everyone; it is the people who live here, the people of the community themselves, that will lead this project and look to obtain results that will have social impact through-replicating successful international actions, here in our own community.

Created with the aim of:

Establish a network of organizations, services, resources and groups from La Verneda and La Pau to improve the living conditions and relations within the community.
Reinforce existing social networks and value the work in the community which various organisations, groups and people are already doing.
Strengthen, encourage and mobilise community relations and encourage social engagement among everybody through diversity and plurality.
Foster the creation of new groups, empowering them and including those people who are not as involved in community activities and above all those people who remain at risk of social exclusion.

The project

This Community Action Project intends to complement other initiatives that Barcelona City Council has already implemented within the community. The Association of Agora originating from the Adult School of Verneda, will lead the logistical part of the project, putting into effect the necessary processes to develop the community action plan and ensuring that we are remaining within the existing community development framework created by Barcelona City Council. We do not wish to generate initiatives nor community structures which only involve specialists and are not sustainable.

How we organize ourselves

Representatives of each comissions.
Project coordinators.
Open to everyone.

Decision-making body
Approve annually the activities of the project
Decide overall priorities of the project

Coordination of various commissions to ensure the implementation f the decisions that are made at the Assembly.

Decisions will be made on a daily basis based on the proposals of the various commissions that make up the project.

Community members.
Representatives in charge of the resources and services of the community.
Project coordinators.
Put into practice the priorities further objectives which are determined by the Assembly.

Oversee the implementation of best practices.

In every area of the project, there will be:

1 researcher/ academic.
1 representative who has worked with some of the Sucessful Successful actions that have been selected.
Coordinator of the area/community.
1 Member of the community.
1 Coordinator experienced in the field of Community Action.

Assess and evaluate the Successful actions that have been implemented.

Increase knowledge and thus propose new Sucessful Successful actionswhich will be developed as part of the project based on the needs which have been identified and upcoming social challenges.

Coordination team: Implementation, encourage community participation, coordination of the various management processes, organization in conjunction with action plans and activities of the project and the management of volunteers involved in the project.

Four essential requirements which form the fundamental operational model of the project

1Respect human rights of everyone, everywhere.
2That there is always solidarity among entities and institutions, this entails zero tolerance of rumours, defamation against community members or acts which intend to discredit people individually or groups of people or entities.
3The collective voice of the project will always be made up of the people of the community and originating in their own community spaces, where their own initiatives for the community have already come from. Dynamics of self-promotion or work interests that may go against the goals of the project or citizens’ interests will be avoided. The participation and decision making spaces will follow the following criteria: punctuality, agenda and minutes agreed by all.
4Sexual harassment of all types is prohibited. Additionally, all forms of discrimination particularly based on cultural, age and social situations are prohibited. All victims of first and second order that suffer any type of harassment will receive support.